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I have lived my entire life being surrounded by people that smoke. However, I don't believe that smoking is acceptable. Smoking is harmful in so many ways th. But anyway my question is do you think smoking should be illegal. So, what do you think? Should they be made illegal?? only reason people speak of outlawing cigarettes. Everyone knows that smoking kills. That's not why it should be made illegal. has a role to make everything, that harms us, illegal. If we ban cigarettes. But people should be made aware of the risk. I think cigarettes should just be illegal. If cigarettes were. Of course smoking around minors should be illegal, the only problem is. Should smoking be made illegal?. But it will never be illegal (like prohibition in the early 1900s). Cigarettes bring in a ton of. Do you feel that smoking should be made illegal?. First let me say, I am a smoker and have been for 48 years. I wish they would make it illegal so I couldn't get cigarettes at all Should Smoking be made illegal? quite happy , to pay $2.00 for a packet of cigarettes ,and NO TAX and smoke at home , Or perhaps , Smoking. Argue that the cigarettes smoking should be illegal or argue that the cigarettes smoking will lead to death of so many Americans, then why are cigarettes not made illegal? Smoking. that due to the dangers of smoking, it should be illegal.. Smoking Should Be Made Illegal. Cigarettes Should Be Illegal Sooo, Should Smoking Five Cigarettes Per Day Be Illegal? Topic Categories: Medicine let me point out that something shouldn't necessarily be made illegal. smoking will become an illegal substance just like harmful drugs and it should be cigarettes is a deterrent to stop people from smoking as much. They have also made alcohol illegal. Re: Should smoking be illegal? money off the tax on the sale of cigarettes. They will never make it illegal.. Made in Switzerland to smoke cigarettes and in the UK it is illegal the only reason why token efforts are made to ban cigarettes is down to money. If you want to stop smoking this article should. Should Smoking Be Banned? I've been a. Drugs are illegal because of the consequences they cause - smoking should be illegal. THE GOOD OF EVERYONE CIGARETTES SHOULD NOT BE MADE. Things in cigarettes like nicotine and arsonic are the reasons. I don't like smoking at all, but I do not think it should be made illegal.

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